Helping A Top Houston Criminal Lawyer

As a private investigator, we’ve worked with lots of organizations for a number of different reasons which include helping top Houston criminal lawyer Mark W. Bennett. Houston, TX is a big city. With a big city comes lots of criminal and civil cases. Many of these cases require the skills of a skilled detective. When a top Houston criminal lawyer calls your office, you know you’re one of the best in the business.

Attorney Mark W. Bennett

A Top Houston Criminal Lawyer

Top Houston Criminal Lawyer Mark Bennett at the Harris County Courthouse in Downtown HoustonHouston criminal defense lawyer Mark W. Bennett is a highly decorated criminal defense lawyer who often takes on cases that other defense attorneys don’t have time for. Mark only calls us when he has serious cases. Most of his cases are serious criminal or civil cases. Although we’re not the only investigation shop in town, we’re always proud to get a call from this hard working attorney as he’s earned his title as a top Houston criminal lawyer.

Only the best criminal defense attorneys call on the expertise of experienced detectives. We serve as an extension of the legal representation afforded to the accused. When Mark is your attorney, you’ll have multiple people working on your case. Smart lawyers know that defending a complex case requires expert oversight from numerous experts. When a so-called expert witness is called to testify, they’ll need to have credentials. Credentials matter because the jury needs to take the witness seriously.

As licensed private eyes, our work product is court-ready. In other words, our investigatory reports are recognized by the law which is what a skilled attorney needs. Benefits afforded to our client are enjoyed by their client. When fighting the government, all resources should be used to benefit the defendant. Our service provides a great benefit to defendants. Some defendants are innocent and some are guilty, but the facts are all that matters.

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When a person stands accused of a criminal offense in Harris County, Houston, or elsewhere in Texas, Tony the best lawyer they can find to help them with their case. A conviction for a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense in Texas can prove to be quite punitive. For this reason, the best thing the defendant can do is to secure legal representation from a trusted Houston lawyer like attorney Mark W Bennett.

The law firm is operated by Mark & Jennifer Bennett, a husband-and-wife team of criminal defense attorneys. They provide legal defense for individuals charged with federal offenses, theft & burglary, sexual assaults and rapes, drug trafficking and distribution of controlled substances, free-speech litigation and civil rights, domestic violence, and criminal appeals. They are a well-rounded law firm that has provided legal counsel to Houstonians ever since 1995. Attorney Mark Bennett is Board Certified® by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization™, making him one of the most qualified criminal justice attorneys in the region.

When a defendant’s life is on the line, the least they can do is get a qualified lawyer to represent them in a court of law. Serving time in prison can prove to be a rough experience for anyone. If such a fate can be avoided, one must exhaust all options to do so. If you or someone close to you or a friend are looking for a lawyer to consult about a criminal case docketed in or around the Houston area, Bennett & Bennett will appear in any legal jurisdiction throughout Texas for the federal system to provide legal representation to their clients.

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