Overview of the Security Guard Profession

Security guards are a growing career field.They are used to keep office environments and other business locations free from crime, theft and unwanted visitors or incidents. There are many companies in and around Dallas, TX that are constantly looking to hire security personnel.

Why do Dallas companies hire security guards?

Security guards give employers and their employees peace of mind. They can go about their daily business knowing that they won’t have to deal with any unwanted interruptions, or have to worry about their own personal safety. They are also a valuable resource for retail companies who want to take active measures to reduce theft and loss.

What are security guards used for?

Security staff are often used to welcome new hires and people visiting a company. They are often used to keep watch at various companies to monitor any suspicious behavior. Security staff are sometimes asked to help customers locate a certain product or department, or to guide employees to their cars at night.

Here are some of the main areas where security guards are most commonly used:

Commercial and Residential Security

Police Dog 2Security guards are hired to provide security for both commercial businesses and residential neighborhoods. They help to create a safe environment for everyone.

Commercial security guards are usually placed at all entrances of a business. They make sure that every employee and guest has proper identification before being allowed into respective secure areas of the building. They also assist with directing new employees and visitors to the proper personnel. They are sometimes hired to monitor inventory and traffic in storehouses, warehouses and other similar facilities to prevent product theft and damage.

Residential security guards are responsible for keeping watch over a given neighborhood or community. Several of them are often hired at the same time to take rotating shifts around the clock to ensure safety. They watch for suspicious behavior, as well as keeping an eye out for children so that they don’t play in the street or cause trouble in the neighborhood. In gated communities, residential security guards make sure that only residents and their visitors are allowed in.

Security Guards for Dallas, TX Active Shooter Defense

Sometimes, security guards have to deal with situations in which there is an active shooter on the premises where they are at. This can happen anytime, anywhere. The security guard has to be prepared to defend themselves and the people they are protecting appropriately. All possible measures should be taken to ensure safety and as few injuries or serious incidents as possible. This includes assessing the situation, directing people to safe zones and staying in contact with local law enforcement officers.

Churches, Schools and Gun-Free Zones

Security guards from Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. are often called in to keep the peace at local elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, churches, banks and other businesses that are gun-free zones. Such security personnel may or may not be armed, depending on the institution’s requirements. They are there to monitor activities and help keep the peace. They’re sometimes called on to break up fights, direct visitors to the correct rooms and evacuate buildings in the event of a bomb threat or other emergency situations.

Retail Theft Prevention

You’ve probably seen security officers while shopping at the Galleria Dallas, West Village, North Park Center and other shopping malls and retail outlets in town. They’re there to prevent theft, monitor surveillance equipment and assist in emergencies if needed. Mall security officers have also been known to help customers find different stores, locate people that have wandered off and aid people with special needs, among other things.

Unarmed Security Details

Unarmed security guards are used in a variety of situations. They may be used in hotels, hospitals and office locations to provide security and protect the company’s employees and customers. They are sometimes used to assist undercover detectives identify potential shoplifters in retail settings, or for patrolling parking areas in shopping centers and other locations.

Armed Security Guards

High status companies such as power plants or government facilities may hire armed security guards to protect their personnel and buildings. Armed guards are often hired as transportation agents for banks and financial institutions, and surveillance officers at casinos and other companies.

Special Events

(Sporting Events, Concerts, Holidays/Festivals, Conventions, etc.)

Security details are often needed for different sporting events, concerts, festivals and other special events. Security guards are present at Dallas Cowboys football games, events at the Dallas Convention Center, parades, and other occasions around town. They are often used for crowd control, keeping people safe and assisting people in emergency situations. Their responsibilities usually depend on the type of event they are working.

Private Security

Some security guards are hired by certain individuals and businesses for private security details. Some of their responsibilities include escorting people to and from various places and protecting them from vandalism, burglary, theft, fire and other natural disasters.

What sort of training do I need to become a security guard?

Security guard requirements vary by state. Most states insist that all applicants are over the age of 18 and either have graduated high school or passed a GED. Some jobs require additional licensing, which can be obtained through formal training at local community or vocational colleges. Licensing requirements can vary by state. Other positions require additional training, most of which can be learned on the job. All security guards must complete successful drug testing and a background check before they can be hired.

Armed security guards usually need to take classes in subjects such as criminal detention and property rights. They usually need to be licensed as a security guard, and may be required to have completed a firearms training course and have a valid gun license.

What qualities should a security guard have?

A good security guard should always be alert and aware of their surroundings. They should be moderately active and healthy. They may want to consider starting a regular exercise regimen to help them stay fit for the job. They should be prepared to work alone or in small groups, often with little or no direct supervision. They should also be good communicators and good listeners.

Why should I become a security guard?

If you enjoy helping others, becoming a security guard can be a good job for you. It’s a great option for people with a military background. It can also be a great part-time or second job for people in school or who are looking for some extra income. It can become a stepping stone for future careers in law enforcement or other security-related jobs and industries. Being a security guard is an important responsibility. You can take pride in your work, knowing that business owners are depending on you to keep their employees and assets free from harm.

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