Kim Gets The Child Support She Needs

Kim Williams of Waco, Texas had just celebrated her 20th birthday when she realized that she was pregnant. He was eating breakfast one Tuesday morning and became sick right after. Concerned, she went to see her family doctor. After doing some checking, he issued a pregnancy test and sure enough Williams was with child.

The pregnancy was a surprise to Williams but not shocking as she had been seeing her boyfriend for 2 years. They often had unprotected sex and she was bound to get pregnant at some point. She was really happy to be having a baby of her very own and was excited to break the news to her boyfriend and other family members.

Not Everyone Was Is Happy

When Kim first came home from the doctor her boyfriend, who lived with her in a Waco, Texas, met her at the door. He was concerned that Kim had the Flu since it was going around. Kim walked in the door and asked Mark to sit down on the sofa. Very slowly, Kim told Mark that they’re having a baby, and at first, he had nothing to say. But after a few seconds, he told Williams that he was very happy, and he even had a few tears of joy washed down his face.

Kim was very happy that Mark was excited about the baby. But little did she know his parents weren’t so elated about the idea. Mark called his parents the next day to break the news but the phone call didn’t go well at all. Instead of being happy for their son, Mark’s family who are very religious told him that he was living in sin.

Mark Moves Out

A few days after Mark spoke with his parents on the phone, he announced out of the blue that he was moving out of the apartment. Kim had no idea why Mark would do this especially since he was so happy about the pregnancy. Mark packed up his things and moved back to the rural Texas town that he grew up in. Apparently, Mark’s family convinced him to move back in with them and there was nothing that Kim could do to change his mind. This made Kim really sad and she didn’t know where to turn. Without Mark in the picture, Kim was going to have a very hard time making ends meet.

The Father Refuses to Help

After 9 months, a beautiful baby girl was born. While the father wasn’t around, Kim was happy to have other family members around her. As time went by, Kim kept trying to contact Mark and let him know that she needed some financial support for the baby. Williams worked a fulltime job, but her paycheck would only stretch so far. But each time she spoke with Mark, he insisted that the baby wasn’t his and not his responsibility.

As time went by, Mark never sent a dime to help the mother of his child. Countless calls and emails went unanswered and it was time for Kim to take this matter to family court. Since they both lived in the state of Texas, it wasn’t going to be difficult to do so. She found a family court lawyer that was willing to work for free and the process got started. While it was going to take a while, Kim knew she was doing the right thing for her baby girl.

Kim Gets Her Day in Court

On the morning of April 18th, Williams was very nervous because she was about to go to family court. She had previously filed for child support and her hearing was about to begin. After hearing the case, the judge ordered Mark to take a paternity test and scheduled another hearing. Kim hoped that it would not take long for the test to come back.

Another month passed, and the results were in. The judge called Kim and Mark back to court and granted Williams child support. After 8 long months of trying to get Mark to do his part for the child, Kim was finally going to get some help. This was a welcomed news and now she wouldn’t need to struggle as much just to put food on the table.

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