Security & Defense

Police Dog 2

Overview of the Security Guard Profession

Security guards are a growing career field.They are used to keep office environments and other business locations free from crime, theft and unwanted visitors or incidents. There are many companies in and around Dallas, TX that are constantly looking to […]

Family Matters

Kim Gets The Child Support She Needs

Kim Williams of Waco, Texas had just celebrated her 20th birthday when she realized that she was pregnant. He was eating breakfast one Tuesday morning and became sick right after. Concerned, she went to see her family doctor. After doing […]

The Legal System

Top Houston Criminal Lawyer Mark Bennett at the Harris County Courthouse in Downtown Houston

Helping A Top Houston Criminal Lawyer

As a private investigator, we’ve worked with lots of organizations for a number of different reasons which include helping top Houston criminal lawyer Mark W. Bennett. Houston, TX is a big city. With a big city comes lots of criminal […]

My Son Was Facing Serious Federal Charges

When the cops arrived at my home I knew that something was terribly wrong. I had no idea why so many officers were at my front door. After knocking very loudly I answered the door and the police along with […]