My Son Was Facing Serious Federal Charges

When the cops arrived at my home I knew that something was terribly wrong. I had no idea why so many officers were at my front door. After knocking very loudly I answered the door and the police along with federal agents rushed into my home. I was placed in handcuffs and so was my son, who was 21 years old. After everything settled down one of the agents showed me a search warrant and he told me he also had a warrant for my son’s arrest. I carefully asked what charges did my son face and he told me computer fraud. I was shocked!

My Son Was Terrified

Seeing my son getting hauled away to jail in handcuffs was more than I could bear. I broke down in tears but knew I had to do something. After he was booked into jail I was able to talk to him on the phone. He sounded terrified and he was worried he was going to prison for the rest of his life. I told him to calm down and that I was working to get him out. After contacting his father who had not seen my son in a few years I was able to gather some money. While the judge denied my son bail because he was considered a flight risk, I still had to do what I could for him.

Getting Him A Good Lawyer

A few days went by and my son was still in jail. His trial date had not been set but I was going to get him the best federal criminal defense attorney I could afford. I had raised $20,000 and began my search for a lawyer that I could trust with the case. I knew my son was facing a felony and the US Attorney’s Office was trying to make a hard case against him. After talking to a family friend I found an attorney that was willing to take his case. It was going to be a hard fight but I really had a good feeling about the lawyer I hired.

He Is Finally A Free Man

On the day of the trial my son was allowed to change out of his orange jumpsuit and into proper suit and tie. He looked nervous but his lawyer looked very confident. This made me feel a bit easier and then the trial started. Over several days the trial dragged on and finally on the 5th day the jury got to deliberate. After only a few hours passed the jury came back with a not guilty verdict! I was so happy and I cried tears of joy! My son was finally going to be a free man thanks to the very smart lawyer that I hired.

My Son Is Getting His Life Back

After the nightmare of getting arrested and going to trial for a federal crime, my son was finally getting his life back. The jury felt that the government’s case was not strong enough to prove that my son did anything wrong. I am a very happy mother that is proud of her son that is now going back to college. He has a bright future ahead of himself.

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