Employee Integrity Checks

It is hard to admit, but we must all face the facts. Corporate America is losing billions of dollars on lost time and corporate property due to lazy, cheating, stealing, dishonest, immoral, unethical employees.

Do you as an employer, know if your employee is sleeping on the job, actually punching in on the time clock (or is someone else punching in for them), using or distributing illegal drugs, stealing your company property or are they a safety hazard to themselves or their fellow employees? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The above-described activities have always been at the workplace and will always continue to be at the workplace. We can help put a stop to these undesirable activities. Our investigators can enter your business as an undercover employee, document these unethical activities and/or obtain vital information that will assist you in your decisions. Our investigators will assist with all phases of your internal investigation. Our investigative team has extensive experience in such matters and stands ready to assist you in many ways. We will conduct interviews, obtain statements and analyze the information developed. Our licensed investigators are trained in advanced interview and interrogation techniques and receive specialized training in behavior analysis.